drinks and clocks
drinks and clocks

This bar charges you by the hour to drink.

If you live in Los Angeles you’re probably used to paying $14 minimum for a cocktail that’s halfway decent. Unless you’re a UCLA legacy spending your parents cash on “groceries,” you probably find yourself rushing to the nearest happy hour, ducking out of line once you realize there’s a cover, or on a different level than your friends because you hit the pregame a little too hard.

Well it turns out there might be a solution.

There’s a bar in St. Louis called Open Concept that charges its patrons by the hour to drink. No cover, no Just $10 per hour, $20 if you want top shelf liquor. Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems like they’re posing a challenge to their customers. 

According to St. Louis Mag, customers can sign up online . You might be asking, how do they make any money at this bar? First off the cocktails are batched, meaning they can make a lot of drinks for little money. Not to mention events such as Taco Tuesdays, Throwback Thursdays ($8 per hour), and FriYays ($20 for 4 hours) to keep the customers (and the booze) flowing in.

Do you think this concept will catch on anywhere else? Hopefully it comes to LA, but it’d probably cost $500 and a Peloton per hour. Are you OPEN to this CONCEPT? 




I’ll see myself out… 

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