Latina Muralist Standing Up for Her Work

Not all graffiti artists are trouble makers. Some of them, like Lucia Daniella Saldivar-Lozano, are outspoken activists who hope to change the world through their art. Unfortunately, they are not always understood…or respected.

Lucia signed her mural after making her latest repairs for the Sylmar work commissioned by L.A. City Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez. The work is a raised black fist to honor Black Lives Matter on a curbside utility box in Sylmar that Lucia had to paint 3 times in the last month after vandals had defaced her work.

She is joined by her family and friends who served as her personal cheerleaders. “It’s important to see the issues we’re experiencing,” she told the L.A Times. “I don’t want to change my art because of racist behavior.” Saldivar is determined to return to her first ever public art commission as many times as necessary.

The initiative was created by the nonprofit 11:11 A Creative Collective who received a grant through the office of LA Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez to beautify 39 utility boxes in San Fernando Valley with the theme of social justice.

The mural has been defaced two more times after the riot at the U.S Capitol. She will return.

Photo Credit: Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times



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