Still from Crazy Samurai 400 vs 1
Still from Crazy Samurai 400 vs 1

Crazy Samurai’s One-Take is the Most Ambitious Action Sequence This Year

Action junkies, samurai weebs, and even those who have binged Sex and the City one too many times, get ready…

Soon you’ll be able to stream a samurai epic that accomplishes what Kurosawa never dared to do. Crazy Samura Musashi or Crazy Samurai 400 vs 1 features a sequence where, you guessed it, a lone samurai takes on 400 adversaries simultaneously in one battle. This flic is looking to steal some of Netflix’s thunder and deliver what is likely to be the most ambitious action sequence in film this year.

You can blame screen veteran Tak Sakaguchi for the shortage in sperm banks, as he takes out every able-bodied male who’s crazy enough to toss hands with the ronin. The film’s marketing places heavy emphasis on the 77 minute, one-take sequence of Sakaguchi dismantling disgraced samurai like a Soho Karen deflects responsibility, as the legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. With a runtime of only 91 minutes, director Yûji Shimomura gives audiences exactly what they want by leaving little room for fluff exposition and getting straight to the action.

In real life, Musashi was an expert duelist whose writings became widely read works such as The Book of Five Rings, and have inspired a countless amount of other tales. Lucky for us, Musashi’s lore continues to reverberate through pop culture, thus gifting fans with this gem of a release.

You can watch the film on the Hi-YAH app starting February 12, 2021.



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