Nicole kidman, lucille ball ricky ricardo and javier bardem in a picture
Nicole kidman, lucille ball ricky ricardo and javier bardem in a picture

Javier Bardem as Ricky, Nicole Kidman as Lucy in Being the Ricardos

I love Lucy is making a comeback with Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem starring as Lucy and Ricky in the movie Being the Ricardos. The film will tell the story of Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnaz (Lucy Ricardo and Ricky Ricardo) who will be played by Nicole and Javier Bardem and will be written and directed by Aaron Sorkin for Amazon Studios. 

The plot of the film will be centered around one week of production on I Love Lucy where we will see the complexities of their marriage and profession on full display. Though the couple is the image of nuclear-family love in the 50’s, their behind the scenes turmoil and divorce have been much talked about. 

Obviously, biopics about Lucille Ball have been few and far between because of the incredible responsibility on any actor to portray the single funniest human being to walk planet earth. Sources close to the project said that at one point Cate Blanchett was being considered for the role… I for one would have loved to see Meryll Strep give it ago. As for Ricky Ricardo, Javier Bardem seems like the perfect fit as an incredibly talented actor with a very serious business savvy undertone beneath it. Stay tuned for more information about who will play, Fred, Ethel, and most importantly Cousin Ernie.



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