Petition Launches to Make Trump Take Citizenship Test

Frontlines is a political action committee (PAC) that works to inform voters on progressive issues and combat opposition misinformation.

They also have a clever sense of humor, as the organization has launched a petition to make Trump take the Citizenship Test, you know that set of 8th grade civics level questions about U.S. law and history every applicant for citizenship must pass. The petition has gone viral and spawned the hashtag #takethetest.

From Frontlines’ Press Release:

“Trump has spent his presidency demonizing immigrants and people of color. Of course, this is un-American: America is a nation of immigrants…”

“…Trump has also shown that he knows nothing about the United States Constitution — repeatedly attacking it, violating it and committing high crimes, felonies and misdemeanors…Here’s our question: Could Trump pass the US citizenship test?”

To check out the petition visit:


And to see how you might do on the test. Here’s a practice version:

Civics Test Quiz

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